$150.00 due PRIOR to Round 1

$150.00 due PRIOR to Round 4



$140.00 due PRIOR to Round 1$140.00 due PRIOR to Round 4



$90.00 due PRIOR to Round 1

$90.00 due PRIOR to Round 4


1. Failure to make payment of fees by the due date will result in a player 'black out'.  Those players will be unable to take the court for their team until payment is received.

2. Payment plans are available but only with the written approval of the CDNC Treasurer in conjunction with the CDNC Convenor and must be arranged during trials.

3. Fees are subject to change seasonally and the club will endeavour to advise members of any changes to fees as soon as possible.

4. When making payment, please ensure you reference correctly to avoid your money being lost.  The Club will not be responsible for any missing money due to incorrect referencing.