The CDNC Accelerant Squad was initially developed in 2016 to provide talented netballers identified in the JUNIOR and INTER age group comprehensive training and development with specialist coaches and experience Elite Squad players throughout each Winter season.  The program was run in conjunction with the athletes training sessions with their teams and was held each fortnight.


At the conclusion of the season, the athletes in the Accelerant Squad would take the court in the following summer season to put into play everything they had learnt in a competitive environment.


The program was created after the pre-existing TID program was abolished and was aimed to focus on a squad size between 10-12 athletes rather than the 50+ that would participate in TID.


Players named in the annual Accelerant Squad are those that the club considers to be the future Elite Squad.  There are no trials to become a member of the Accelerant Squad, rather a selection based on natural ability and a willingness to work hard.


The 2017 Accelerant Squad will be announced in March 2017.