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Central District Netball Club (CDNC) is a truly northern-based Netball Club that participates in the Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division and provides opportunities for aspiring netballers to play at the highest level.


We are truly UNITING THE NORTH in partnership with Central District Football Club SANFL Inc and are proud to represent the Northern Adelaide District.


Our 2021 Premiership Teams! 



There have been some recent updates from AMND due to the pandemic:


🔹 There is a 1,000 person capacity on the Stadium under Netball SA’s COVID Safe Plan. AMND strongly recommends spectators only attend where necessary (and no more than 1 parent per player).

🔹 To allow entry and exit of patrons, there have been some changes to game start times, length of quarters and when patrons can enter the Stadium prior to a game. Please see image attached.

🔹 Officials (such as coaches, scorers, umpires, team manager, primary carers) are not counted within the 1,000 capacity. So any person performing one of these roles is required to wear a badge (these will be available to pick up with the scorecard).


🔹 Netball SA requires every person attending the Stadium to agree that they are well and not experiencing any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19.

🔹 By including a player on a team sheet, the team manager is acknowledging that the player has provided a self-declaration that they are not unwell.

🔹 Only the main entrance (western entrance) will be open for entrance.

🔹 Exit will be through the back gates (eastern side) only.

🔹 All patrons are advised to stay home if unwell.

🔹 Hand sanitiser available for use at entrance and exit plus from coaches.

🔹 No entry fees for the first 4 weeks!


🔹 All matches will be centrally timed. Stoppages can occur for injuries but the timer will not be stopped.

🔹 “Get in, play and get out!”

🔹 Patrons from the previous time slot will be required to have exited the venue before the next group enters.

🔹 Please do not stay and watch a game unless you have a specified match day role (coach, umpire, scorer, team manager, primary carer). For those staying for a role, you will not need to exit but you must change uniform or wear badge to identify role.


🔹 Strapping services will not be available. However, tape will be available to purchase from espresso outlet.

🔹 Communal food and drink before, during or after a game is to be avoided.

🔹 Players must bring own labelled drink bottle and own tissues.

🔹 No hand shaking after matches. Elbow taps are okay.

🔹 Cashless payment methods for food canteen is recommended.